Get The Amazon Kindle for $100 off

I got a message today form Amazon Affiliates that the there is a promotion with Chase to get the Amazon Kindle for $100 off.

Follow this link to learn more.

I went on a trip to London with a co-worker and she has a Kindle. She absolutely loves it. I’d love it too if I didn’t already have a ton of physical books and if I was going to continue to be traveling as much as I used to. The Kindle is light weight, has a great battery life and being able to download books from anywhere is very very cool.

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2 thoughts on “Get The Amazon Kindle for $100 off”

  1. My wife turned 32 today – being the avid reader that she is I thought the Kindle would be the perfect gift. Boy was I right! To compliment the Kindle I got her the pebbled Fuschia cover – a perfect match! When she opened the package she wasn’t sure what the Kindle was or what it was all about. I knew she had an Amazon account so when she turned it on it immediately offers the tutoral or registration. She chose to register the Kindle – it took 30 seconds – so easy – so fast. A lifetime 3G subscription paid for by Amazon – no monthly fees and access to over 300,000 books and counting….a readers dream come true. All this and it’s packed into a light weight just the right size reader. Easy on the eyes, font size can be changed and the book will even read to you if you want it too! What she liked at first was you can sample books – she had been looking to purchase a book and looked it up. She was able to download the sample which is usually the first few pages of the book and read it. If you want to purchase from there it’s a click away. The power cable is pretty neat I have to say. Plug one end into the Kindle and plug the other either into a standard wall outlet or your computer. Both will charge the Kindle and when connected to the computer you can transfer information to the Kindle like PDF files or other content. There is an amber LED which turns green when charging is complete. No idea what battery life is like because I just gave it to her. Being a tech geek I was impressed – I am not much of a reader though I really should read more. However, my wife was so happy and amazed at the gift which was so cool and creative. Get it for your girl guys – if she likes to read she will love it. Doesn’t have to be books only – magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc are ALL here! The subscription prices and book prices are really good from what my wife tells me. I have read in other reviews the negatives – I guess if you owned a Kindle 1 it is hard to transfer content to this new one – this doesn’t apply to my wife. Most of the negatives just didn’t apply to us because they are negatives from previous Kindle owners. She can store up to 1500 books on this baby and Amazon stores copies for you on their server – you can’t go wrong here. I’m really impressed and happy with my purchase.

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