Getting to Know Andrew

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Last night was our first night with Andrew at home. He did pretty well. I was up with him for a few hours trying to sooth him and get him back to sleep. Allison was pretty tired after being so tough the past few days, she needed some rest. I was nice to have today to ourselves so that we could adjust a bit to having Andrew home. Eva was off at the Cape with my parents and her Aunt Tar, Uncle Erik and Nana Bonnie and Uncle Howard. She came home a little more spoiled too. That kid makes out like a bandit. There are games and toys and treats galore for us to play with.

It was a pretty quiet day. We had to go for Andrew’s Bilirubin test in the morning because of the jaundice (which actually does not look that bad). He’s got to go back again tomorrow too.

Allison and I caught up a bit on the DVR. I caught up on a few things around the house and we rested. Later in the afternoon I cleaned up the Stroller and we took our first walk around the block. Andrew Stayed awake the whole time watching the sky overhead. As we rounded the last corner we saw my parents pulling up with Eva.

Eva returning home with my parents and actually seeing Andrew in the house went well. She loves him so much. She doesn’t care for the crying. Eva does not like loud noises at all. I think that is because Allison and I are so quiet that whenever we do raise our voices she knows that she is in trouble so loud noises do not sit well with her.

We were also visited by my Uncle Richard and Chloe. Chloe is nine and Eva took to her right away. She brought her up to her room and showed her around while we talked with Uncle Rich.

It was a nice quiet day at home.

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2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Andrew”

  1. Lovely! Welcome Home to all of you…especially your precious Eva and Andrew!! I hope your first night all together as a family of four is a joy to behold.

    1. Thank you Mo.

      Andrew has been getting along pretty well. He’s done some good sleeping stretches and eating like a champ. Eva will get used to the crying eventually.

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