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Find It On the Farm

Keeping kids occupied on car trips can be a challenge but not with the Find It series of toys. We reviewed the Find It On The Farm toy a while back and liked that it was a self contained game that Eva could play while we went on rides. Eva tends to get bored on any lengthy car trip which usually leads to 12,000 rapid fire questions. I’d rather not have her playing a video game or the iPad or something like that all the time. So, to help stimulate her mind a bit we have a stable of in car games ranging from creating stories to using the Find It On the Farm game.

There are no loose parts to the Find It series of games. Everything you need to play is inside the cylinder or written on the cylinder. The game does come with a little pad of paper that lists out all of the items that you need to find but the bottom of the toy lists that as well. So, once Eva is old enough to read everything on the list she can do this game completely on her own. But, in the meantime Allison or I can read off items for her to find while she plays.

Many retail shops carry the find it games like Target and Bass Pro Shops. You can also get them from

About the Give it Forward Project on
For the past three years we have saved money to go on a family shopping trip so that we could make donations to Christmas is for Kids. Each year we try to save more and do things bigger. This year many companies that I’ve done reviews with have provided me with toys to review but also toys to give away as well. On December 1, 2012 from 10:00am – 2:00pm Achin’s Garage is sponsoring a Toy Drive of NEW unwrapped toys for kids aged newborn to 18 years old at Attleboro Farms to collect toys for Christmas is for Kids. We’ll be making a huge donation thanks to so many great sponsors.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Find It: On the Farm game for a previous review and also one for donation for the Christmas is for Kids Give it Forward Project. Opinions about the toy are 100% my own.

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