Give it Forward: Turnstile

Eva explaining Turnstile

I’ve always been a fan of puzzles. I enjoy figuring things out and solving problems. ThinkFun makes some innovative puzzle games that I’ve enjoyed playing. Last year I was playing the Rush Hour app on my iPad often. This year I’ve got a couple of games for the Christmas is for Kids Give it Forward project. The one that I am enjoying most is called Turnstile.

The physical Turnstile game is well produced. The pieces are excellent and game play is smooth. Players get a game board, pieces, and a deck of 40 puzzle cards plus a carrying case. I love that ThinkFun does some carrying cases with their games. The carrying case also tells the player what pieces they should have in the set.


Game play is simple. Users can move their pieces in any direction Up, down, left, right. If they encounter a turnstile they can move it only if where the turnstile moves in unobstructed. There may be a piece in the way, or another turnstile in the way. But if the way is clear the user can move the piece. Puzzles are solved when the colored pieces are in their respective corners. Some games might require only one piece be in a corner and others can require all four colored pieces to be in their corners.

I was able to play through the first thirty cards with relative ease. In one sitting over a couple hours I moved right through them. When it got to the last ten most difficult puzzles that took me almost an hour in and of itself. I can see myself playing this game whenever I need a mental break from electronics and want to stimulate my brain.

About the Give it Forward Project on
For the past three years we have saved money to go on a family shopping trip so that we could make donations to Christmas is for Kids. Each year we try to save more and do things bigger. This year many companies that I’ve done reviews with have provided me with toys to review but also toys to give away as well. On December 1, 2012 from 10:00am – 2:00pm Achin’s Garage is sponsoring a Toy Drive of NEW unwrapped toys for kids aged newborn to 18 years old at Attleboro Farms to collect toys for Christmas is for Kids. We’ll be making a huge donation thanks to so many great sponsors.

Disclosure: I was provided with four ThinkFun games. Two to review and two to donate. Opinions about the toys are 100% my own.

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