Give Your Preschooler an Edge in Math and Science, Watch Curious George on PBS

You also should be reading to them the Curious George TV-Tie in books. I have a few of these for Eva and they are great. I just received this press release about a study done by the Concord Evaluation Group that says that kids who watch episodes of PBS’ Curious George and read the TV-Tie in books “scored significantly higher on science and math concepts covered”. We’ve allowed Eva to watch Curious George ever since she was 2 years old. We’ve read her the old books as well as some of the new ones. There is some significant learning happening through this show. I watch it with her from time to time and the episodes cover some great science and math concepts. Eva also further explores math and science with her Aunt and she love doing experiments.

You can learn more about the study at There you can download the full study.

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