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I was asked if I would like a free pair of glasses from to review and keep. I’m a lifelong glasses wearer so I jumped at the chance to do so. The timing also worked out because my other pairs of eyeglasses are both scratched something fierce.

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I’ve needed prescription glasses since I was ten years old and I had a cataract in my left eye. My right eye had to compensate for the left and that left it needing glasses. My left is still really weak by the optometrist sees to think that if anything happens to the right that I could drive with the left. Me, I’m not so sure. So I protect my eyes as much as I can and I wear glasses.

These new glasses from GlassesUSA are not only lighter and smaller than my previous pairs but my wife tells me that she likes them much more too. I’ve gotten many different types of glasses over the years and I’ve always paid through the nose. asked me to pick from the under $50 pairs and I was able to find some really nice looking glasses online for around $40. Compare that to the $239 I had to pay in a store. Ouch.

Ordering the glasses online was easy. I had my prescription and all I needed to do was add in the numbers and pick my frames. The selection is huge too. I found main pairs that I liked and will probably order some backups as I scratch my lenses often (even “scratch-resistant” ones).

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GlassesUSA is not only a company out there just to make money, which is not a bad thing at all and if we provide something worth while then we should make money doing that. GlassesUSA recycles all of their returned glasses. That doesn’t mean that they sell them back to the next customer but rather they take the glasses and donate them to various organizations around the US who then sanitize and redistribute the eyeglasses with the correct prescription to people all over the world who can’t afford vision care! I could not imagine not being able to see clearly because I couldn’t afford glasses, that would be horrible. I am glad that GlassesUSA thinks to do something like that with the returned glasses. The glasses that they sell are produced not only in New Jersey but also Israel which allows them to provide customers with top quality frames quickly. My order arrived in less than a week. I’ll certainly be looking at Glasses USA for future glasses purchases.

I’ve also got something for my readers. Anyone who places an order at Glasses USA can get 10% off their final order with the coupon code Blog10.

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  1. Thanks Drew. The wife needs some new glasses and this post came just in time. Thanks for sharing your quite lengthy review 🙂

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