Go #TeamEvans

Photo-A-Day #3586

Eva went and predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl. Captain America, Chris Evans made a friendly wager with Star-Lord, Chris Pratt on the outcome of the Super Bowl. I guess that the kids at Chris’s Haven will be getting a visit from Star-Lord very soon.

The Challenge:

  • If the Patriots win, Chris Pratt has to visit Christopher’s Haven in Boston as Star-Lord and wear a Tom Brady Jersey for the duration of his visit.
  • If the Seahawks win, Chris Evans has to visit Seattle Children’s Hospital to wave Seattle’s 12th Man Flag in his Captain American uniform.

I personally think that the kids would love seeing both Star Lord and Captain America show up together with Tom Brady. How amazing would that be?

I watched the game through updates from friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as some of the streaming services that my co-workers were running. I guess I missed a pretty exciting game, glad that the Patriots won. Eva is going to be so excited tomorrow morning when she finds out.

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2 thoughts on “Go #TeamEvans”

  1. I read that both Chrises have promised to visit both hospitals together. Class acts!! Thank you for turning me into a geek so I can appreciate this stuff on a whole new level!

    1. You are correct, they are going to go to both places together in costume. Now, if they can also bring Brady, at least to Boston, that would be cool.

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