Going Beyond Blogging in 2010

Beyond Blogging2010 is right around the corner and with it will come a shift in the blogging world from just blogging to Beyond Blogging. My friend Nathan Hangen (We met at Blog World Expo and he is an amazing guy) and his friend Mike CJ (Whom I have not met but hope to meet someday because he’s a pretty interesting guy living a dream life on an island, something I’d love to do someday) have created a fantastic program called Beyond blogging.

I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of the affiliate program and got an advanced draft of the the program. I loaded up the extensive ebook .pdf file into my Kindle and read through it in a couple of hours. What I read were profiles on some of the best bloggers in the business. People I respect highly like Chris Brogan, David Risley and Gary Vaynerchuk. Other people I wish to emulate like Darren Rowse and Jonathan Fields. Their stories of success are so inspiring that it is near impossible not to take any action.

As a part of the affiliate program I can tell you that Nathan and Mike have released a free .pdf report about future of blogging in 2010 and beyond.

As a blogger, or someone thinking about starting a blog, you should definitely read this report, because it talks about some of the pitfalls that most bloggers face, and the many more that you’ll face in the near future.

It’s called 2010 and Beyond – The Truth about Blogging in the Next Decade, and it’s a very intriguing and educational read.

It’s 15 pages, and reads in about 15 minutes. Considering the time of year, it couldn’t be released at a more perfect time.

So head on over and grab the free report. There’s no opt-in required and you can be reading it within 60 seconds by clicking the link below.

Grab the Free PDF

The launch is a few days away and I also want my friends to have the chance to Get in on the ground floor of this program that I believe will help you kick start your blogging career in 2010.

Personally I want a program like this to help motivate me and inspire me. I’ve been blogging since 2003 and I’ve yet to make a real success of it because I don’t treat blogging as a business that can help me have the life I want. I treat this as fun and games and a hobby but work on it like it was a full time job. A job I love but do not make money from. I’m certainly not an expert at making money online but the people in Beyond Blogging are and they can prove their track records. Me personally, I want to be a case study in the 2011 Beyond Blogging book (if there is one)

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12 thoughts on “Going Beyond Blogging in 2010”

    1. Lenny,
      I have just started learning about this mind mapping thing. Seriously, I didn’t really know anything about it until recently. I will try out those resources that you suggest.

    1. Andrea,
      Actually they do feature some great female bloggers including iJustine and Penelope Trunk and more. There are over 15 bloggers profiled.

  1. Hi Ben – good to “meet” you and thanks for the kind words! You’ll have to come over and visit the island sometime – it really is paradise here.

  2. Hi Drew
    Glad i found your blog, im sure you will be pleased to know it came through an email from google alerts. I think most people start a blog thinking its going to allow them to quit there job, its more a hobby for me now that i realise theres a lot more to earning a living from the internet, ive read the free report and agree you need to decide what income you wish to make, i just like to think it pays for the hosting. My blog got hacked and i lost a years work as i never backed up my blog so on my new blog ive started it by posting about back up and secure installs Take a look.
    All the best and keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Paul,
      You lost your whole blog, that is terrible. I am so sorry to hear that. Well, now at least you are able to help others take security measurements to protect their blogs.

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