Goodbye Duncan 2002-2012


I just got off the phone with Allison. Our cat, Duncan, has died. I wrote about him just moments ago in my last blog post about how he’d been sick and how I would have to take him to the Animal Hospital to be put down on Monday, which quickly was going to become Saturday. However, he died peacefully at home, on a soft blanket and attended to by Allison.

We got Duncan and his brother Oliver in 2002 shortly after Allison moved in with me. Allison had been working as a volunteer at Pet Smart and she told me about two little brother cats who looked like a cat that Allison’s parents had had, Kip. I loved Kip and was so distraught with him dying. There was no way I could have said no to adopting Oliver…. and Duncan.

Peas in a Pod

Our two boys were such little loves. When I started blogging they were the subjects of so many of my Photo-A-Day Photos. Duncan always looked so serious with his milk mustache markings and his intense eyes. He became “my” cat because he had many of my traits. Oliver was more Allison’s cat and had her traits. We loved them very much.

Waiting for Eva

Duncan had a few problems over the years. He had a seizure once and bit Allison. He began losing weight a couple of years ago and got smaller and skinnier. He got sick often and in the past few weeks didn’t make it to the litterbox. Today he just stopped. He stopped eating, stopped walking, he stopped drinking. It was sad to see him in the end the life he had in him starting to ebb. He is no longer in pain. He’s no longer suffering.

Photo-A-Day #912 10/07/07

What I will remember most about Duncan is that he would let me pick him up like a baby and cradle him in my arms. He loved BBQ and would go crazy trying to get a bite of a BBQ rib or something. We always speculated that the boys, who were feral cats, were born behind a BBQ joint. He was a love and such a good cat. We will miss him dearly.

Hugging Duncan

Now explaining what happened to Duncan to Eva. He was so patient with her even when she loved him too strongly. He was gentle and patient beyond the limits of an ordinary cat. We started to prep her for his passing today and yesterday. She is only 4 1/2 but is such an old soul, so old beyond her short years. Tonight at bed she asked Allison for an ice pack. When Allison handed it to her she said “where do it Put it?” Allison asked her where it hurt. She said “My feelings.” So Allison snuggled into bed and put it on her heart. Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Lonely Cats

Rest in Peace our serious boy.

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye Duncan 2002-2012”

    1. Thank you Maureen,

      I feel worst right now because I haven’t been as nice to him lately. He was constantly scavenging food, snagging it off our plates and always up on the counter. I’ve swatted him off the counter many times in the past few months and even felt pretty upset cleaning up random poop piles. But I loved him very much and in the end I will miss him so much.

  1. I am very sorry for your lost. I once had a cat who also died at the age of 10. Her name is Aming. She is like a little sister to me and she was very sweet. She wakes me up in the morning and gives me licks.

    1. The comment from “Mark Sanders” was an obvious spam post for links. Sometimes I just hate people and how much they are driven to make a buck. Probably written by someone whose grasp of English is a second language working in a spambot sweatshop. I removed the links and everything but this is an example of the type of spam I get every day. So sick of it.

  2. Sorry about your loss. I always find losing a pet more emotional than losing people. Maybe because they are so deeply entrenched in a person’s daily routine or because even if you think you were being mean by swatting them off the counter they don’t care and want to be patted or held. No perception of being mean on your part is received by them that way. They love you unconditionally.
    Just remember when the time comes, adopt again. The Mspca has a cat only facility in Framingham.

    1. Lenny,

      We always adopt. There’s no way we’d do otherwise unless it was from a litter from a friend. We’re friends of our local animal shelter and will be on the lookout for another cat when the time is right. Thank you for the comment and condolences I really appreciate that.

    1. Bryan,

      Thank you very much. It was rough and he will be missed. I think the little one took it the hardest, well after Allison. She really got the whole of the events thrust upon her.

    1. Trey,

      Thank you for the kind words. We’ll adopt again, maybe not soon but again. Many more cats need loving homes.

  3. I am crying at my desk reading that! Im so sorry for your loss of Duncan he was such a good cat and I know how much you guys loved him. So sad for Eva and her broken heart.

    1. Thank you Shelby,

      Eva is starting to feel better each day. Allison saw this video – and took it as a sign. We might need a little more time to adjust to Duncan being gone but her heart is big and she might like a new kitten soon.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss Drew. We have a 5yr old dog that’s unquestionably a member of our family. My husband & I discuss what you’re going through with Duncan often and we feel for you & your family. I guess they’re all life lessons but that doesn’t ease the pain during this time.

    How great though, that your daughter is able to discuss such feelings with you. That my friend is priceless & will alleviate any pain moving forward.

    My thoughts are with you all.

    Look at what Angela Santomero wrote blog post ..Tears at PBS Annual Meeting

    1. Angela,

      Thank you.Eva has always been an old soul and she is free with her thoughts and feelings. She processes pretty quickly and can talk about what she is going through. I also appreciate the link you sent me on twitter. That will help us to work with her on grief, and ours as well.

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