Goodbye Ironhide

Photo-A-Day #2985

This morning we said goodbye to the GMC Sierra Denali (dubbed “Ironhide” by Eva). I have really loved driving the truck this past week. I will be writing up a full review of my experience later. I can say that I enjoyed this review ride so much, it was a a pleasure to drive every day.

Later in the afternoon Eva and I started working on a major review for a MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants set. This is the biggest set we’ve looked at yet, 924 pieces. We spent an hour just opening the package and laying out all the pieces. I want to get that built before we leave for our vacation.

Tonight we went over to Longhorn Steakhouse for a review that I’ll be posting tomorrow night. We had a delicious meal and so much fun together. But then… we came home.

When we had Eva’s classmates over to our house for a cookout a couple of weeks ago Eva got a splinter in her foot. We’ve been trying to get it out with no luck ever since. It finally worked its way closer out of the foot but still not far enough. It was time to get that sucker out. The problem was that Eva was adamantly against us doing anything. Allison tried to take it out or rather reason with Eva to let her take it out. Eva was having none of it and then I came upstairs and I tried to reason with her and explain that if she wouldn’t let us take it out we would need to get her to the doctor and have him remove it. After a long argument and screaming match and crying and more screaming and yelling she finally let me attempt. But that didn’t last at all. I finally had to take her foot and hold her so firmly while Allison held her as well. She had screamed so much before I even touched her that she woke her brother. The cats came to see what the issue was and while she was writhing and screaming James was licking her head.

I finally got it out and it was huge! I couldn’t believe it when I took it out but now it is done. It will be a while before she goes walking around barefoot

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