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Tonight was supposed to be the Father/Daughter dance for Eva’s school. It is the first one that we’ve ever missed. Obviously there is a strong reason for it but still, a tough thing to be missing. Some of the other parents and kids dressed up tonight and did some special Father Daughter dance things. That would have been great for us to do as well. However, I had to go in to the office to run the physical switchboard. This was after having to come in last Monday to get a special computer with special software to run the switchboard remotely.

You might ask, why do I have to go to the office and be with the physical switchboard. Well, we have never had remote switchboard capability before and our technical team put this together last week. While it works great it is not perfect and so as a company with many hospitals across the country relying on us to be there to help we can’t go letting calls slip through the cracks. So, as a backup precaution one person comes to the physical building and sits at the physical switchboard, while they run the remote software they are also able to grab any calls that are missed by that software. It is a good thing, too because our day staff discovered that certain numbers that customers call (older numbers) are not routed to the new software but rather the physical switchboard. So that is why I am the only employee in the whole building (save one guy in Operations who is somewhere.)

almost clear vending machineDid I also mention that the vending machine is looking sparse! It is a good thing that I didn’t want Chex Mix as they are not dropping anytime soon.

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