Granite Crusher is the Family Favorite

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Andrew is wired to the bathroom floor. I know this because every time I walk in there when he is sleeping he wakes up instantly. I could have walked around his room gotten right up in his sweet cherub face and he wouldn’t have woken up but the moment I step into that bathroom he wakes up. So when I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the day. I checked on Andrew to see if he was sleeping and then walked downstairs. Once down there I wasn’t feeling tired so I decided to stay up and let Eva know that Skylanders Giants had arrived and asked her if she wanted to play. She was so excited and even more excited when I asked her which characters she wanted to play with. She immediately said Crusher.

Well, it just so happens that the very first Skylanders Giant that I bought was Granite Crusher, the Target exclusive. I brought him upstairs along with the starter pack and the figure Flameslinger. Eva only knows about one more set of figures and the rest are tucked away for special days and of course for Christmas. She was super excited about Crusher and decided that he was the character that she was going to play. I set up a new game on the easy level so that we could play that version together while I play a medium, hard and eventually a nightmare set of games.

Crusher is a great character and is super strong. He’s an Earth Element character who is made of rock and his job is to crush rocks, which he does with his hammer also named Crusher. Granite Crusher has blue LEDs instead of the green LEDs that the standard Crusher has on him. Crusher is also voiced by Kevin Sorbo. I’m a big fan of his ever since the Hercules and Xena days. I’m glad that he’s the voice because he does such a good job and something that I noticed in Giants is that the figures have a lot more sayings than in the original game and you can understand it more, too.

Since I wrote the post 10 Things You don’t Understand About Skylanders Giants I’ve been getting connected to some other fun bloggers and fans of Skylanders. One person is Robert Welkner of Coin-Op TV. He makes videos about each of the Skylanders and he has a nice one of Crusher and will be making videos of each of the figures. I subscribed to his channel and so should you if you like Skylanders. Here is his Crusher video.

So we played through the first chapter and at one point Eva decided that something was scary so she gave me back the controllers and asked me to finish the level. I did and then Allison joined me on Chapter 2. She chose , you guessed it, Granite Crusher. We’re big fans.

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