Keep Gratitude in Your Heart All Year Long

Photo-A-Day #1693

Today was Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful day. I’ve had a long day because for some reason I woke up at 3:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up, caught up on a few shows on the DVR and even watched Flight of the Phoenix on On Demand. I kept busy while doing this and started updating a new blog based on my new Droid. My Droid that I cannot even use yet.

I tried so many times to activate the phone but had no good luck at all. The message I got was that the hours were from 9:00am to 7:00pm or such. So when I called again at 9:00am the recorded message said that the office was closed for the holiday, I anticipated it but it stung a bit that the message changed in the morning. I got Allison’s new phone set up but we were never able to use the backup assistant program so she’ll be learning how to use the new phone’s keyboard by entering back in all her contacts. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have my Droid up and running and get my Verizon online account back.

Thanksgiving today consisted of a great family dinner with all the fixings and then some. We also watched the Macy Day Parade and Eva had a wonderful time watching all the balloons and the dance sequences. She loved Abby Kadabby and Snoopy the most as well as Kermit the Frog.

I think we are going to be seeing more and more of the Muppets, well at least online. The Muppets have themselves a channel on Youtube with some new and fresh material. Here is a great music video with the Muppets doing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Back to Thanksgiving. We put Eva in this beautiful little dress for the day.

Happy Thanksgiving

She was so fun and wicked funny today. We were having dinner and Eva was saying her ABCs. We were joking around about saying your ABCs backwards at a traffic stop. My Brother-In-Law Erik said to Eva, “Can you say your ABCs Backwards?” Eva immediately turned around in her seat and started saying her ABCs. The table burst into laughter. The kid has timing and a quick wit.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day today and even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving that you had a day surrounded by family and friends.

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4 thoughts on “Keep Gratitude in Your Heart All Year Long”

  1. I’m just playing catch up from being away-the story of Eva and her backwards ABC’s was brilliant…I can totally see her doing that!! I’m happy to see you all had such a wonderful holiday:) Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Mo,
      Catch up is fine, don’t forget to check out the current contest happening, I think you might like to have one of the Eye-Fi cards. It is a pretty cool little piece of tech.

      Eva’s been getting lots of mileage out of that little joke.

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