Green Dragonfly

Photo-A-Day #2289

Of all the insects out there I love shooting dragonflies most of all. I was looking for something to shoot before I went off to work because I had left my other camera at the new house. I was taking photos of the floors for Chris from Dad of Divas. He wanted to see what the difference was between the floors now and once they were redone. I know the change will be significant. So, I was out by the bathtub of corn, tomatoes and sunflowers. Yes, we have a clawfoot garden. While I was shooting some sunflowers this big green dragonfly buzzed me. It was beautiful, huge and bright green. Unfortunately it was also wicked fast and this was the best I could do to capture it.

Today I slept in a little (8am). I woke up at 6:10am when Eva came into our room. Allison got up with her and I fell back asleep. Allison came back in later and I asked if it was still close to six, no, not even close, it was nearly 8am. I lazily got out of bed and made my way over to the New House. I had to stop by Triboro Paint (they know me in there now) to pick up some Crack Shot Spackle so I could fill the nail holes in the woodwork in the office / Mimi’s room.

Filling nail holes is time consuming. It took me about three hours to do all the rooms, the office being the one that took the longest. But now it is done and the room is almost ready for painting.

As far as painting goes we have three rooms painted with some spot touch ups needed to be done in a few areas. We also have the trim to complete in those three rooms but then everything will be done. Then there is the hallway and the living room. those also need to be completed. those rooms have stained wood trim so I finished my morning / early afternoon taping around all of the woodwork from the living room windows all the way up the stairs to the hallway. Now we just need to paint the living room and the hallway and those will be complete.

Our floor guy is starting on Tuesday and so we have a couple more days to get all the painting done. We should be in decent shape as all the prep work has been done on all the rooms. Well, maybe not all the prep work is complete. All the trim that I filled in needs to be sanded before it is painted. Then I think we’ll be all ready for finishing the painting.

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