Green Thumb Sunday 11/04/07

Green Thumb Sunday

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I dug way back in the archives for this one. It is Photo-A-Day #168 from 9/23/05. It poured around here yesterday so I didn’t shoot any recent photos for GTS.

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14 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 11/04/07”

  1. Hi Drew,
    That bee certainly been tucking in, when I read your post abour Herb Chambers, i first thought it was part of the GTS post and would see some pots…
    I am going to nominate you for the next International Blog Cup, I am in this months and could do with votes throughout the month for the vatious rounds.

    Cheers Mark

  2. Well, no need for a new photo when the old ones are this gooooood! Love the vibrant orange in this one and the spill of pollen. Very clear shot.

    The first snowflakes has arrived here the other day, making it hard to find any flowers. My post is very greenish anyway…

  3. Hi Mark,
    That is funny about Herb Chambers.
    I saw that you were in a competition. I voted in the first round, could you send me a message when each new round comes up. I will be sure to vote for you.

  4. Hi Aiyana,

    It is funny, I took a bunch of bee and flower photos on purpose this past year and didn’t even realize that there was one in my archives.

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