Grilling in the Snow

I was compensated for my shopping trip. This shopping trip is on behalf of Kingsford charcoal and Collective Bias. My opinions are 100% mine.

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On my way home from work last night I stopped at Walmart to pick up some supplies. Allison had been home with Eva for the past few days because Eva has been sick. I also went out because it was snowing like crazy at home, so bringing a sick kid out into the snow wasn’t happening. I was also on a mission. A mission to pick up great food for a special meal for Allison and me.

Part of my shopping trip also involved picking up some Kingsford charcoal, a charcoal grill, lighter and lighter fluid so that I could grill up some fine steaks. I picked up a porterhouse and a ribeye. I figured some really choice cuts deserved to be prepared well and grilled using the best charcoal. I picked up some McCormick seasoning to make a marinade. I marinated the steaks overnight.

The shopping trip was interesting because of the multiple dumpings of snow here in MA that we have gotten in the past month’s time. I searched the store looking for the charcoal. I asked a few people in the store and they looked at me like I was crazy for asking. I finally found it in the lawn and garden section (the same section I entered through) a half hour later. It was pretty much hidden on a pallet off to the side. There I also found some lighter fluid, a grill and some lighters.

I then picked up the steaks and checked out. While checking out the woman at the register was tickled that I was buying charcoal and a grill. I got everything home and marinaded the steaks in the McCormick seasoning marinade overnight.

Day 2

Today I got up and shoveled for a while in the rain and sleet. All the while I was wondering if I would be grilling not only in the snow but the rain and sleet. Thankfully I was just out in the snow. The ground was iced over and it was like a crazy skating rink but I was fine because I plunked myself into 4 feet of snow. My idea was to use an abandoned gas grill to place my new little charcoal grill into. I survived the ice rink and climbed up into the snow. I opened up my bag of Kingsford. I opened my new little grill and I placed the charcoal inside of it. I used some lighter fluid and the lighters that I purchased as well. The coals lit up right away.

I let the coals get nice and hot and as I was out there my father came and saw me. He said that my little grill would not leave enough room between the coals and the meat and I’d end up burning the steaks. He got another grill and some fireplace gloves so that we could transfer the coals from my grill to the other grill. We switched my grill for his (A Harley-Davidson one) and then I went and got the steaks.

When I got back my Dad had shoveled out a space for me to stand and grill the steaks instead of standing in the snow. I cooked up the steaks. I liked the even heat that I got from the Kingsford charcoal. Preparation is a little longer than with a gas grill but it more than made up for things in the cooking. I brought the steaks into the house, cut some off each one for my Dad and went upstairs.

Allison made some delicious roasted potatoes and some roasted carrots for us to have with the steak. In my excitement over a Ribeye steak and a Porterhouse I didn’t end up taking any photos of Allison or Eva for the Whrrl story above. However, Allison loved the steak and I had grilled it to perfection even if it was rather dark out there when I was finally able to get out and get started. Eva had a small bite. Her tummy is still not 100%.

Disclosure: I was given money to purchase Kingsford Charcoal and steaks at Walmart by Collective Bias. The experience and opinions however were 100% mine. And yeah that is why I bought some choice expensive cuts of meat to enjoy.

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  1. Steaks defintely taste better grilled over Charcoal however gas is just so much easier. I wonder if they could inject a mesquite smell into propane instead of the stinky one they add so you know when there is a gas leak.

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