Guy’s Weekend Pt. #1

I just saw Iron Man. I have a few thoughts on the movie. I am relatively versed on the Iron Man mythos and I think the movie as an origin story to a franchise was excellent. The movie was not too hokey yet it was very accessible to a new audience who might be unfamiliar with the character. Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast as Tony Stark. Terrance Howard as Rhodes had some great moments to shine and Gwyneth Paltrow was a dream as Tony’s long suffering assistant, Pepper Potts. And she is just so attractive with the red hair too.

The movie had equal parts action and storytelling. You got to learn about the characters as the duller parts of the movie happened. There were few dull moments however. In all I loved it and would certainly want it in my collection of movies.

Be sure to stay to very end of credits. Worth the wait. I knew to stay and as people walked by me to leave I said "it is not over" They didn’t believe me because it was me and the clean up crew at the end. Wait. Wait. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Guy’s Weekend Pt. #1”

  1. i want to see this movie. i know that it got pretty good reviews as well. i’m one of those who like to stay for the credits because you never know if there’s something at the bloopers, extra footage, or you really want to know who sang a song that was in a particular scene…lots of reasons.

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  2. I started doing this recently but I also saw messages about it on the web so I made sure not to get spoiled by what was at the very end and I am glad I stayed.

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