Halloween was Wicked Fun

I'm not Donald Duck

Here’s a tip for you frugal dads out there, buy the Halloween costume after Halloween for the next Halloween. It only works the 1st or second years but at least you can save a little those ones. We picked up this Winnie The Pooh costume for Eva last November for $4.00 from the Disney Store. It’ll be the 1st costume for each of the kids on their 1st Halloween.

Eva had a very nice Halloween night, she met our neighbors and made a bunch of new friends including twins next door who are about 5 or 6 months older than she. That is okay she can keep up and Allison can have grown up time with our neighbor. We kept it small, we went to about 6 houses, people we knew and who wanted to see Eva in her outfit. Eva was a trooper she was so well behaved and even started to enjoy trying to pick the candy. Mommy and Daddy were happy with her picks, they were tasty.

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