Hand Puppets?

Photo-A-Day #1742

Eva received these three handmade hand puppets for Christmas and she loves playing with them. Most of the time I am the elephant and Eva always picks the pig. We exchange the duckie.

Eva was cracking me up today. She likes togo and grab our shoes and put them on and walk around. She came shuffling into the office wearing Allison’s cowboy boots. This meant that she couldn’t really move her knees because the boots were much taller than her knees. An announcement of “I’m Momma!” capped it.

For Christmas Eva also received a bunch of new Barbie sized dolls including princesses and fairies. She left Princess Jasmine on the floor in the dining room. I was picking up the house and walked into the dining room to catch Oliver and Duncan standing over Jasmine like tiny panthers over a fresh kill. For some reason the cats like the shiny materials on these dolls. We have to keep them under lock and key to prevent any further “attacks”.

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11 thoughts on “Hand Puppets?”

  1. Hope you & Eva had a great Christmas. Eva is very cute. Thanks for sharing your picture. I get my son a hand puppet and after giving him.. he broke everything and I now see only strings!!

  2. Oh my, it can’t be true, but yet there seems to be no Jan 15th post.

    Here it is, the 16th of January and the last post is dated Jan 14th. I never thought I would see the day.

    I am shocked and dismayed and yet hopeful that you have found something too fun to be able to post a picture of it.

    1. Stephen Supporter,
      That is the problem with no access to internet. No FREE access to internet. I will get them up, I have the 15 and 16th so far, 17th I’m working on as well.

        1. Stephen Supporter,
          Not cheating, the photo was taken on the day, the post does not have to go up that same day. You know that impose enough rules on myself.

    1. Lisa Marie Mary,
      Thank you. Eva is so imaginative these days and you can just imagine the things she is saying, they are hilarious. She has such a sense of humor.

  3. I am happy to see that your kid enjoys playing with puppets. Most of the kids would go for high tech gadgets and play games with them. Playing with puppets is one of a unique childhood experience.

    Keep on playing and enjoy 🙂

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