Hanging at Del Ray Beach

Photo-A-Day #2573

Allison, Eva, Andrew, Mimi and I went to the beach today. We had a beautiful day for the beach too. This was Andrew’s first beach experience and he did very well. He got dipped into the water a couple of times and handled it well. We didn’t bring him in that far because it was a pretty wavy beach. Eva came in with me and with Allison too and she enjoyed it. I personally loved Del Ray Beach. This is a great beach with nice soft sand and fun waves to play in. The beach is good for making sand castles too.

You have to pay to park at meters and so I went off looking for quarters and also found a place for our lunch as well. I walked up and found a sub shop and picked up subs for us before heading back home and we met up with Dano and Stephen at a rib joint for dinner.

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