Happy Birthday Allison! 2013

Photo-A-Day #2834

Today is Allison’s birthday and we celebrated throughout the day from a morning breakfast at Morin’s and ending with a grown up dinner at the Eagle Brook Saloon.

We woke up fairly early and I suggested that if we could get the kids ready quick then we could make it to Morin’s for a birthday breakfast. So Allison got ready and I got the kids assembled. We got everyone all set and headed to the restaurant. When we got there Eva had a quick conversation with the waitress who chatted Eva up when Eva and I went for a special breakfast once. Andrew entertained a table of elderly patrons and the wait staff as well. We had a delicious breakfast that tided us over till dinner.

In the afternoon I had a webinar with HTC about the phone that I’m reviewing called the HTC One X +. It was a nice webinar to let us know how the camera works and there are a ton of great features to this phone’s camera. I am excited to try out all the features and let you know about them.

For dinner I took Allison to the Eagle Brook Saloon for dinner. We haven’t had a night out together in a long time and this was a very nice evening. I haven’t been to this place in years and I really should be back there much more often because the food was terrific. We both agreed that lately our dining out experiences have been less than stellar. Dinner here was really good. We started with some beers and “crispy” buffalo wings. These were some of the best wings I’ve had in such a long time and the beer was very good too. I haven’t had a beer in forever either.

We decided to do surf and turf for dinner. I ordered the calamari and scrod which was the perfect pairing. I go into restaurants and wish they had fish and chips and calamari together and no one has it, no one. This is the first place that I’ve been that has had this pairing. The meal was perfect too, the calamari was great and the scrod was excellent was well. It went well with the steak tips that Allison chose for her meal. We had an excellent time and are looking forward to going back there again.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife. I love you and spending our lives together.

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