Happy Birthday Allison

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Today was Allison’s birthday. She started her day with one of the best presents, Andrew smiled a huge smile at her. That was precious. Then she had hugs from Eva. I sorted out our bills, I’m such a romantic. But wait I’ll make up for that later.

I took Eva to school and on the way home picked up some ice cream, a tiny cake (perfect for a small family) had it personalized and also got a sweet card. But that is not all I didn’t just wake up and realize it was Allison’s birthday, nope I got her a pretty sweet gift for her car. She’s been asking for a hands free Bluetooth speakerphone for the car and that is just what I got her. And I even got her a model better than mine. This one can sync with two BlueTooth devices simultaneously. Amazing.

So when it was time to pick up Eva from school Allison and Andrew and I went to do that. Then we drove to Dedham to Legacy place to walk around, but also to take a look at an iMac. Yea, I think we are going to make the switch to a fully Apple family. We’ve got the iPads and the iPhones I think the next logical step for us is the iMac. We’ve been on borrowed time with our current PC and it crashed again yesterday. It was an easy fix this time but again, borrowed time.

LEgacy place was nice I had not been through there before and there are some nice stores. It was also very nice to walk around and get out of the house. We went into a candy store and Eva tugged at my shirt, she wanted me to duck down so she could tell me that she wanted to buy a birthday gift for mommy. She was wandering around the store and while I tried to steer her towards candy that Allison would like Eva wanted to pick her very own thing. Luckily a girl working in the store offered Eva a sample of Cinnamon yogurt pretzels and Eva was sold.

After Legacy Place we went to Patriot Place for the traditional (what has become our tradition) birthday meal at Red Robin. We had some fun there and I took a photo of Allison for WeReward and tweeted that it was her birthday and the Red Robin Twitter account even said happy birthday. Eva emphatically told our waiter that it was mommy’s birthday and that he should tell all the staff. He was very good with her too and she kept telling him every time he came back over, it was a riot. So yes, she did get the Red Robin birthday song sung by the staff and a sundae.

We came home stuffed to the gills and gave Allison her present a Jabra journey, window mount and some new Zagg iPhone protection sleeves. We also served the mini cake. I put a single candle on it and Eva helped me by turning off the lights so we could surprise Allison and sing Happy Birthday to her.

I’ll charge up her new toy so that she can be safe and hands free in the car.

Night rounded out with some DVR catch up and then off to sleep (after I wrote the last few day’s blog posts of course)

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