Happy Birthday Audrey

Photo-A-Day #2410

One of Eva’s best friend’s had her fourth birthday today. Allison and Eva went to the party and it was a Barbie party. The girls played freeze dance and dress up and more. Allison took the photo of the girls and Eva decorated the frame. They had a wonderful time at the party.

Allison shot the photo and sent it to me. I sent it to the printer using the Kodak Pic Flick app. Have I mentioned that I love that app? Such a cool app to use with our Kodak 9250 printer.

I did some work on SwagsGiving videos today. Trying to get ahead before the baby comes and I still don’t feel like I’m making a dent. Eva’s been both a big help and at the same time helping me get a little behind. She absolutely loves playing with all the games and she wants to do them all at the same time. We’ll work on it. So many fun things ahead for SwagsGiving and we aren’t even halfway done.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Audrey”

  1. The photo is adorable! That is a handy dandy app to have! I think the Swagsgiving videos are awesome-I’m sure they are taking a lot of work and you can tell by the quality. Eva is so excited to help you out and I love the relationship you all have:) Have fun on baby watch!!

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