Happy Birthday to Allison

Photo-A-Day #3927

Reflections while at Eli's Pizza

Today is Allison’s birthday. We started the day with Church and then Allison and the kids stayed at my parent’s house for some donuts and a visit. I went home to sleep for the afternoon so I could get up early to take Allison and the kids to dinner for her birthday. It was a super rainy day, however, and the kids spent part of the day jumping in puddles int he back yard. This made everyone tired and want to have a PJ day for the rest of the day. So, when I woke up I took care of the weekly trash and then ran out to get some pizza from Eli’s so that we could have an easy night in to celebrate Allison’s birthday. I wish that her present had gotten delivered in time but is hasn’t. So annoyed at that. Today’s vlog is a little different but lots of fun and filled with shenanigans and the kids singing.

Vlog Transscript:

ME: (laughing) Hey, this is Drew Bennett

ANDREW: You can be Bob Sitting

ME: from BenSpark.com and today is Day 10 of the Vlog a day for 2016 and today is also my wife Allison’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday!

ALLISON: Thank you

ME: We just had some pizza. It’s been a kind of a lazy day here. I slept all day ‘cause I work at night and I’m about to leave and the kids were in their PJS all day, spending some time jumping in puddles and stuff like that. We just had a nice little pizza dinner. Just hanging out watching Netflix. Watching Dragons: Race to the Edge for How to Train Your Dragon.

ANDREW: Yep, you’re right.

ME: Yep and so here’s Eva.


ME: And Andrew,


ME: And Allison


ME: And you know we just a wanted to wish Allison a very happy birthday. And so, Eva has made up a song since you can’t sing Happy Birthday. I would probably owe royalties to somebody and I’m pretty sure that somehow YouTube would, you know, they catch all that. Okay Andrew’s got a song.

ANDREW: Happy Birthday we love you. Happy Birthday we have to. Happy Birthday let’s give you a cake.Happy birthday and some brownies. Happy Birthday and some pizza. Happy Birthday and some spaghetti and Meatballs!

ME: Alright Eva, you got your song?

ALLISON: Thank you.

EVA: Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday it’s your Big Day. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

ANDREW: You! Now I have another.

ME: Oh the kids do love to sing and bounce on the couch so I’m sorry for all the movement that’s happening here. This is kind of impromptu.

ANDREW: Happy Birthday, here is you dinner, here is dinner. La, La, La, La, Do, La, La.

ME: Here’s Dinner? (laugh) So this is… Somebody loves the camera.

ALLISON: Thank you that was beautiful. that was beautiful.

ME: So this is Drew Bennett from BenSpark.com wishing my wife Allison a Happy Birthday!

EVA: Eva!

ME: And Eva as well, wishing mommy a happy birthday. And Andrew

EVA: Andrew the 4th

ME: And Andrew wishing mommy a happy birthday. You can find me on Instagram as BenSpark.

Eva: Drew!

ME: You can also find me on Twitter as BenSpark.

ANDREW: Snoopy!

ME: And at facebook.com/ImNotAFamousBlogger. You can also subscribe.

ANDREW: (Nonsensical babbling)

ME: and today’s question of the day. Eva do you want to ask the question of the day? Just ask any question, maybe something related to birthdays.

EVA: What’s your favorite birthday theme?

ME: Alright, what’s your favorite birthday theme. Thanks for watching.

EVA: Bye

ANDREW: What about me!?

ME: What about you, you want to ask a question, we’ll have two questions today. Okay what’s your other question.

ANDREW: How can you make a cake with frosting on the bottom, and sprinkles on the bottom and candles on the bottom, frosting on the top, sprinkles on the top, candles on the top.

ME: Okay

ALLISON: Okay, excellent.

ME: Okay play rewind to hit that one. Alright, Bye!


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