Happy Caturday! Thank you Marvel Studios and Captain Marvel for the Great Gift Box

Happy Caturday Gifts

We’d like to thank Disney and Marvel Studios for sending us a care package for the kids and the cats to celebrate the release of Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel. Opinions of the movie and gifts are our own.The Caturday gift box that we received was awesome and contained a super cute Goose Plush, a custom made “I Flerken love my cat” shirt, Goose collar, Captain Marvel pet dish, Goose lint roller, Branded Catnip toys, and a custom poster photoshopped with a photo of our cat. We actually got TWO posters! One for each of the cats. The kids promptly requested to have them put up in their rooms. Because it was Captain Marvel, I had Eva unbox the special Caturday box.

Each of the kids has a cat or rather each of the cats has adopted one of the kids. The cats will sleep with their respective humans right when they settle down for bed and then eventually come downstairs when the kids have drifted off. Eva’s cat is named James after the son of Captain America and Black Widow from the animated movie The Next Avengers. When Eva was much younger she loved that movie. I am so happy that she continues to enjoy Marvel and super heroes.

Happy Caturday Poster - James

Andrew’s cat is named Torrun for the daughter of Thor and Sif, also from The Next Avengers. Torrun takes a lot longer to warm up to people and was very wary of Andrew early on. However, she loves her boy so much now.

Happy Caturday Poster - Torrun

The gift box also contained a copy of the Captain Marvel Blu-ray that will be released on June 11th. Don’t forget that I am giving away 3 Digital Copies of the movie, too. Enter on this blog post Captain Marvel is on Digital Today!!! – Plus A Giveaway!!.

The whole family was home so we had nachos for dinner and then popcorn with our movie. Eva absolutely loved it. She begged us to stay up later so we could watch all the extras like the Gag Reel, Deleted scenes and all the featurettes. I had already seen the movie and liked it even more after seeing it with the kids. I also appreciated how cool the featurettes were. Here are a couple of clips from the larger featurettes that you will see on the Blu-ray and on Digital.

Bonus Clip: We Need You

Bonus Clip: A Fresh Take


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