Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Last night I tried my very first sip of the Cooper’s Lager that I’d been brewing. It was good but a little flat. I may not have let it ferment long enough or maybe there wasn’t enough sugar in it, I’m not sure, but I have 29 more bottles that will age and I will try. Above is my reaction to the Cooper’s Lager.

Celebrate Cerveza and brew this Cinco de Mayo!

I probably should have brewed up a batch of the Coopers Mexican Cerveza because it just so happened that the beer I brewed is ready for Cinco de Mayo. Too late for that but I can always brew up a batch if I get myself the Mexican Cerveza kit, which is 20% off if you use coupon code “CERVEZA” at checkout. Coupon good till Mother’s Day.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo!”

    1. David,
      While I did enjoy the taste of the beer in the video what I really enjoyed more was making the beer. Since I really shouldn’t have much alcohol at all, I’m 98% on the wagon completely (I have type II diabetes and should avoid all alcohol) that beer was probably the first I had had in several weeks. I am looking forward to sharing the beer with friends and family though. I’ll give it a little more time to ferment though. Need more carbonation.

      Thanks for popping over here form Blogging Tips.com I’m glad you enjoy the place. If you want to do posts like this one, pick up a MakeBeer.net kit, it is inexpensive and pretty fun. Plus, everything you need is included.

  1. I hope everyone has a good time for cinco dey mayo. But this is my first time on your blog and I have to say I love the picture of you fishing on your canoe. I see your a fan of canoe fishing just like me.

    1. James,

      I have never fised from my kayak, I think what you see is my Xshot kayak mount. That is what I use to film myself while out on the water. I would like to fish sometime though.

  2. I agree that it may have needed a little more sugar and definitely a little more time. The yeast loves to nomnomnom on the sugar, so the more sugar, the more carbonation, and the more of a head you’ll get on the beer. A good-sized head, is, well, GOOD!

    But if it tasted good, you are on the right track. Crack one open in another week and let us know how it is!
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..Not this crap again! =-.

    1. Christine,
      I’m also thinking that the fermentation wasn’t warm enough overall so the yeasts did not nom nom enough. I think next time I will put the whole fermenter into the water heater room in the basement. Now, what beer to make next….

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