Happy Halloween 2019

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Happy Halloween everyone. This year we went over to our friend’s house to trick or treat. It has become our yearly tradition. They live in a great neighborhood that is perfect for trick or treating. We popped over there after school and then picked up pizza for dinner.

About to Trick or Treat

This year I picked up a new costume of an inflatable dragon. I didn’t have any armor for the top half so I used an old Boba Fett costume that I had which I put on under the dragon costume. It was a weird mashup but people liked it.

Andrew was Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts but it was that character according to Andrew. He wore his purple horns under a fedora because, as he stated, Newt was beginning to become a beast like those he tracked and learned about.

Eva was Anabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. She put the costume together on her own and then added a Hyperstrike bow from my influencer kit. I had it in my car after Trunk or Treat last night.

This morning I helped out at Andrew’s classroom for their Halloween party. I had a group of kids and led them through a bunch of games. Then they had a snack and then the parent’s left. The kids had a fun time.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Today Nintendo sent me a free copy of the new Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch. I will be doing a full review of the game soon as part of my Holiday Gift Guide which starts tomorrow.

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