Review: Harry Potter – STR!KE – Dice Game from Ravensburger

Harry Potter Strike

Ravensburger sent us the new Harry Potter STR!KE Dice Game for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

This is a rather fun dice game that plays on the different spells that are commonly cast in the world of Harry Potter. Each spell cast does a different thing in the game. For example if you cast Wingardium Leviosa then you have to stack up the dice in the arena as if they have levitated into that stack. Each player or wizard takes turns rolling their dice into the arena. After each roll they check to see if a spell has been cast and act accordingly. Sometimes everyone has to roll at once and sometimes you have to roll all of your dice at the same time.

The game is perfect for a family of 4-5 as that is the maximum amount of players that can play the game. It goes by at a fast clip and lasts about 15 minutes or less. So this is something that can easily be brought out before or after dinner and played quickly. It is a fun game for any Harry Potter fan on your holiday shopping list. You can pick it up on and if you are so inclined please consider using our affiliate link below.

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