He Shoots, He Spores – Lightcore ShroomBoom

Photo-A-Day #2847

I popped into Target today and on the shelf they had a Lightcore ShroomBoom figure. This was one of the Wave three Skylanders Figures that we did not have. I’ve been hunting down every released figure so far and have been very successful, in fact the rest of this week will probably be a Skylanders themed week because I have a couple of ordered figures on the way. They will join with Lightcore ShrooomBoom to take on Kaos.

I played this figure for a bit (Leveled him through all the available Heroic Challenges) and also upgraded many of his powers. He’s a fun character to play and has many goofy sayings. I suspect that he is voiced by Billy West but have not been able to confirm this. IMDB has no info on this and I cannot find the confirmation anywhere but he sounds so much like Billy West’s character, Fry, in Futurama. I’m still looking for confirmation on that one.

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