Hedges Trimmed

Hedges Trimmed
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00147

We have some really high hedges between our house and the tenement next door. I had tried to get our neighbor to trim them last year but he flaked on me so I didn’t get it done last year. The hedges were well over 12 feet tall and when the wind blew they would scrape the side of the house that became very annoying. So, I had a guy come out and do it. He did most of it with hand trimmers and it is cut back. I will have to keep after it from now on. It got so overwhelming and so large that I looked at the task and got anxiety over it. It was well worth it to pay someone to do it. It looks a lot better now.

Part of the reason that I hadn’t done much with it was because of the next door neighbors. I wanted as much between us and them as possible. Unfortunately a hedge does not block out the noise. That just blasts right through it.

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