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Photo-A-Day #2525

Today Allison and I took Eva on a special date. She dressed herself before we left. Bright pink dress and brightly colored tights plus a feathered boa. She had so much fun dancing around and asking for me to take photos. She danced around and kept dancing and posing and asking me to take photos. She was so adorable. Just being a sweet little wonderful girl.

I continue to use the Pedometer Ultimate App for my iPhone and have been going on walks around the area. Today I hit my goal distance based upon the details I put into the app like my current weight and height plus my goal weight. I can still play my music and podcasts while using the app too. That was after doing the 10 minute Journey Gym workout. Still working on it.

We ran over to L.L. Bean because our diaper bag strap finally quit on us. They no longer carry the same diaper bag so we are getting a different one. They even upgraded us because the newer one is more money than the original one was. We’ll have to go back and get it embroidered but we made out pretty well on the deal. Very impressed with L.L. Bean.

A quick lunch at Chipotle and then we ran to our friend’s house. We were leaving Andrew with Michele so we could take Eva to see The Lorax. We’ve been reading the book to her for the past few days and she’s been playing a Lorax app on the iPhone and loving it. And each time she saw the commercials for the movie she said that she wanted to see it.

The Lorax was a very cute movie. I like how they adapted it to the screen. It kept the heart of the book and the message but expanded upon it and it was very good. I would have liked to have seen more of the story literally in the movie. I love the cadence of it and the rhythm and rhyme of the whole book. It is pretty wonderful and a tale that we should all take to heart.

Eva was so enthralled with the movie. Watching her was almost as fun as watching the movie.

After the movie we ran by Toys R Us to check on any Skylanders that might have arrived. Couldn’t find the Empire of Ice set but they had a ton of Legendary Trigger Happy Figures. I picked one up. I figure I’ll level him up on the separate track so we see what both of the tracks lead to. The figure seems a little smaller than the original and the color is pretty cool, too. Still want to find Slam Bam and the Empire of Ice Set, the prices for it online are insane. Almost $100. It sickens me. I hate that Toys R Us pumps up this $19.99 set to $24.95 but that is easier to take than people who buy it for $25 and try to sell it for $100. I hope hat no one buys it at that price. But someone will and then this cycle will continue.

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