Here is a contest I should enter…

I learned about a photography contest from my on line friend Elizabeth. She has posted about a baby photo contest. Now, had the child arrived in time I would certainly have plenty of baby pictures to send in for this contest. I know I am going to have a ton of them when the baby arrives.

But for this Photo Contest I may have to dig deep into the Photo-A-Day vault. Not all of the photos are winners but I think I can manage to find a few to use as an entry into this contest. This
Free Photography Contest- Enter Now! Win $10, 000!
sounds like a great chance to get some more exposure to my photography. I will have to enter very soon. And entry into the contest is free so why don’t you sign up and send in a photo of your own. Who knows maybe you might be lucky enough to win the $10,000 grand prize. There are many other prizes as well so there are many chances to win. Good luck to everyone who enters.

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  1. That is okay Elizabeth, We put up an announcement a little while ago. The baby is due in October. Check out my wife’s blog at Sparky’s View You can read the posts and enter the baby pool.

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