Hey Grandfather!

Photo-A-Day #2464

Andrew is still exploring his smiles lately. My Mom and Dad came by today to visit. Dad held Andrew for a bit. Andrew was pretty calm for him too. Andrew has been very hot and cold or rather calm and a screaming bundle of angry badger. We actually call him that when he starts screaming like crazy. I’m not sure but I think he’s having some air bubble problems. We try our best to soothe him and get him to calm down. He enjoys it when we carry him on his tummy. He lays down across my, or Allison’s arm and he loves it.

Today is my first time back to work in a week but I had nearly 19 days off in the past three weeks. So great! However, things are back to normal and I am back at work. this means that I had to sleep during the day and Friday’s end up being pretty shortened. I can’t complain though because come Monday at noon I’m back home for another week.

Eva and I did get a chance to play some Skylanders. I added some insulation to some of the pipes downstairs and realize that I am going to need a lot more of it. Eva helped me with that project. Or rather, she followed me around with all the insulation foam rods and asked if I needed one. Over and Over. It is my own fault, I wanted her to feel like she was helping and she was pretty proud of herself.

For Skylanders Eva and I have worked out a little system. Whenever we get to a part that required the players to be close together she takes her Skylander off the portal and I do that section. It makes for much better, less stressful game play. She has been getting much better though. Eventually she’ll be a way better player than me.

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