Hey, You Missed a Spot

Photo-A-Day #3052

Being back at home and back to reality we were faced with a pretty messy living room. Part of the problem with reviewing so many toys is that we have, so many toys. The other part of the problem is that we have one tornado and one kid who finds putting away toys almost like torture. So, today, instead of getting done anything else we overhauled the living room play area, again. Everything was torn apart and reorganized and put together again.

I’m not sure if it is a lesson in futility or not but this seems to be something that gets done every couple of months. This time, at least we went through and threw out some of the junk that had been accumulated. I’m hoping that the organization and cleanup lasts for a couple of weeks or so, but we’ll see once Andrew really gets going. He is a whirlwind.

I think that Andrew is going to be a temper tantrum child. This afternoon Allison and Eva went to the store and we tried to get Andrew to nap. He was clearly tired but he refused to nap at all. I read him books, he screamed in my face. I sang him songs and rocked him, he screamed in my face. So, I put him in his crib, left the room and let him cry. About 5 minutes later I came back and tried rocking, reading and singing again, more screaming in my face. Back in the crib, leave the room again. another ten minutes of screaming. back to his room, he’s standing and screaming. I pick him up and attempt to calm him. No use. Back in the crib and I leave the room again. This time his screams get less loud. I go back in and he’s laying on his bed, face down screaming a bit but not getting back up to scream at me. I left the room and he finally went out. He needed the sleep and I can’t have him always running to a TV show to settle him down.

I certainly hope that he won’t throw tantrum fits in the next few years but I think it may be coming.

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