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Give the Gift of Highlights™ this Christmas

When I was growing up my Aunt Cindy bought me a subscription to Highlights™ Magazine. I loved that magazine for all the fun stories inside and also the Hidden Pictures®. There was also Goofus and Gallant, two kids who taught us about manners and more. Every time I was at a doctor’s office or dentist there was Highlights™ Magazine. It was everywhere and I enjoyed it very much. Now Highlights™ has branched out into educational workbooks for kids as well as a giant book of Secret Hidden Pictures® Puzzles. I was sent some of these for free to review with Andrew. This is what we thought.

We received the Highlights™ Big Fun Workbooks for First and Second Grades. Andrew is in First but he loves doing workbooks and he is quite smart so I figured that he could do the Second Grade level work. He can. He likes to be challenged and to figure things out. These workbooks have so many different parts to them and they are filled with the humor and wonder that Highlights™ has always been known for. I feel confident that Andrew is adding to his knowledge by using these workbooks. Here is more about the workbooks from the official Highlights™ description.

Highlights™ Big Fun Workbooks (for PreK, Kinder, 1st and 2nd Grades): These books look like traditional workbooks, but they are chock full of imaginative puzzling, humor, and charming illustrations that engage children and help them build academic confidence. Each is approx. 8.5″ x 11″ and 256 pages in length. Each book includes a certificate of completion at the end, as well as simple tips to help parents guide their children through the activities. There are four different workbooks for ages pre-k through 2nd grade (3-8 years old). The four workbooks include: Big Fun Preschool Workbook, Big Fun Kindergarten Workbook, Big Fun First Grade Workbook, and Big Fun Second Grade Workbook.

Workbooks are fun and all but the one thing that I loved most of all in Highlights™ was the Hidden Pictures® in the magazine. Well, Highlights™ has gone a step beyond those original Hidden Pictures® and created a whole book of them. They are even more challenging now because you have to use a special lens to see the picture and then search for the hidden items on the page. The new Secret Hidden Pictures® Puzzles by Highlights™ was a huge hit with Andrew. He got the book and immediately went for searching for these hidden items. When he was done he wanted to stay up late just to keep going on to the next challenge.

Andrew Searching

More about Secret Hidden Pictures® Puzzles by Highlights™ below.

Secret Hidden Pictures® Puzzles by Highlights™ A brand new and magical approach to Hidden Pictures®: color-reveal technology! This red-on-blue puzzle collection comes with a seek-and-find wand, made of sturdy cardstock with a plastic lens and shaped like a magnifying glass, that kids will use to discover amazing scenes and reveal over 1,000 hidden object. Every puzzle is a mystery until the lens uncovers the curiosities underneath; children will become Hidden Pictures puzzle detectives by using clues to help locate the hidden objects, while the easy-to-use and simple-to-store wand (that is housed in an envelope inside-the-front-cover of the book) adds more play value to Highlights’ signature puzzle.

There are so many options for parents to give their children supplemental education and entertainment resources through Highlights™. There are categories for ages 0-3, 3-6 and 6+. I am glad that there are still more Highlights™ that I can share with Andrew. You can find a whole Highlights™ page over on with all the resources that you need to get great gifts for your kids. Please go to the Highlights™ page through our Affiliate Link. Thank you.

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