History Walk Around the Neighborhood

Photo-A-Day #2981

We took a walk tonight after dinner. Attleboro used to be the hub for many different industries like jewelry and other manufacturing. Where we live right now could very well have been a home for one of the factory foremen. I say that because the former owner made mention of it and there are many amenities to the house that would have been luxury amenities at that time. Down the road there is a smokestack for the R Wolfenden & Sons company. They dye textiles. I read that in a very interesting article about the industries around Attleboro. It was a good read and I certainly learned more about the history of where I now live.

I really wanted to see that smokestack from the other side while paddling along the Ten Mile River. I didn’t get to paddle last week and was unable to go this week. I do hope that I can get out there sometime this summer to see more of the local history from the waterways.

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