Holding on to the Money

Photo-A-Day #1777

Now that we’ve gone to a cash only system for our lives I have cash in my pockets. Thank you Dave Ramsey. It is a weird thing for me because for years I hardly ever had cash on me, I operated only on cards. So, today I was in Borders and I went to pay for a snack and saw this dollar bill in my wallet. It really jumped out at me because of the colors and then I looked closer and saw that there was this website built up around following this dollar on its journey.

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to record Skype calls so that I could record some good stuff for you to hear. I started searching and playing with a few things today. I tried out a program called G-Recorder (Aff Link) and it is pretty slick. The program integrates with GMail seamlessly.

When you have a phone/audio call the call gets recorded and gets posted to your GMail account with the tag “Skype Call” as soon as the conversation is over. You can then forward that to someone else, download it as an MP3 or add additional labels. It is a great tool to keep track of your conversations as well as Skype chats. Skype text chats also get automatically posted to your GMail account as well. So far I like it and I’m only in the trial phase right now.

If you record Skype calls, what program to you use and why?

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20 thoughts on “Holding on to the Money”

    1. @Wheeler Images: G-Recorder has an option to send automatic notification about recording by Skype chat message, so no violation of this law

    2. Andrea,

      That is built into the software too. There is a message in Skype that states that the call is being recorded with G-recorder.

  1. As far as I know G-Recorder notifies both parties about recording.
    The option is optional though, so user should be responsible 🙂

    1. Tim,
      that is very cool. I signed up for an account while I don’t have a stamp it will be fun to see what happens to this dollar.

    1. Tim,
      Thanks. I think that maybe we should do a call sometime. It might be cool for us to talk about our experience speaking at Affiliate Summit or something like that. We have good ideas that we can bounce off each other.

  2. I had the privilege of testing G-Recorder with Drew and I was really impressed with the quality of the recording. Both Drew and I were on our computer mic’s and the recording is still very clear.

    While we were on the call Eva politely interupted to say she had to tinkel, which I couldn’t hear all that well because I was jsut on the computer speakers, but when I played back the message it was very clear and very cute.

    Drew, I look forward to our conversation next week and I was given a free key for SkypeCap which captures both video and audio. Perhaps we can test it out one evening or over the weekend.
    .-= Look at what Kevin wrote blog ..Arcadian Rhythms And Panties and Business =-.

    1. Kevin,

      Thanks for testing this out with me. I had a great time and look forward to our call next weekend.

      If you can connect me with the SkypeCap people too that would be cool so we can both make videos. I think we’ll get some cool content from this collaboration.

    1. Deborah,

      I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. Each time I find something new someone is already a big fan, it is really funny.

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