Hope for a Cure

Hope for a Cure
Photo-A-Day #1526

Today Allison, Eva and I participated in the Relay for Life at our local High School. We had a really nice time. Eva enjoyed running around the track, stopping and looking at all the luminarias and spending time with her Memere. I had a great time taking photos all over the place and I even did a video, I’ll do more tomorrow and put it all together too.

While making the videos there were four teen girls who followed me for much of the shot. I didn’t know they were there until I got back to our tents. It is pretty funny, can’t wait to shot you the video. For now here are some shots I took.

Family Photo
The family in front of our team’s sign. Notice that we are all wearing our custom "BenSpark is Blogging This" T-shirts from Market Leverage. We love these shirts and they got a lot of attention.

Dadda is blogging this
Eva at the Relay for Life sporting her custom "Benspark is Blogging This" shirt from Market Leverage

Dadda is Blogging this
Eav and I modeling the "Benspark is Blogging This" shirts from Market Leverage

Running Momma
Eva running down the track with Allison following.

Eva so these luminarias with lions on them and had to stop

Eva hydrating
Having a little sippy sip (been watching too much of the Thundershow) before going back on the track.

Rainbow at Relay for Life
It was raining when we started the relay but the sun came out and so did a full rainbow, it was so big I could not get it all in the shot.

So many great people helped us out with donations and we raised $375 here at BenSpark.com. Our Team The Sacred Heart Stewards raised over $9,000 – So Awesome!

More donations can still be received, only $125 away from our $500 goal!!

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10 thoughts on “Hope for a Cure”

  1. Andrea,
    There was some great light and I wasn’t even using he good camera, I would have overthought that one though, so I just used the little Canon one.

  2. This is a wonderful thing you guys do and I’m so proud of you for doing it! THANK YOU for your generosity:) A friend of mine passed on a year ago this month so I am extra touched with your participation in this Relay for Life:) Thank you!

    I love the photos tonight…the Rainbow brought tears to my eyes…but a smile to my face. Love it:)

  3. Mo,
    So sorry to hear about your friend. We are only too happy to participate in this event, it is a wonderful family event and a great thing for our town. We enjoy being a part of the church team very much.

    The rainbow was a very nice touch.

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