Hot Dog Day Trippin’ in Maine

Photo-A-Day #2650

Today Rob and I drove on up to Maine for a little Hot Dogging. We stopped at Flo’s Steamed Hot Dogs of Maine. Flo’s is famous for their secret brown relish. This little hole in the wall place is an iconic roadside hot dog joint. The hot dogs are steamed and come a few different ways. You can go with the house special, the loaded or pick your own toppings. Flo’s is also a jumping place with a steady flow of patrons.

On the walls and in some plastic bins there are tons of business cards. When people go to Flo’s they put their business cards on the wall and when the wall gets too full the cards are taken down and put into some of the plastic containers. Patrons are known to sift through them when they are enjoying their hot dogs. We have a full story of our adventure over at Hot Dog Stories.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Dog Day Trippin’ in Maine”

  1. I pass Flo’s every summer heading up to Ogunquit. I’ll have to stop by and check it out next month. BTW: who says you can’t put ketchup (or is it catsup? – thanks Mr. Burns) on a hot dog?

    1. Brendan,

      The national Hot Dog and Sausage Council states on their website that no one under the age of 18 should put ketchup on a hot dog. Oh and Dirty Harry says so too. We drove through Oqunquit too. Cute place.

  2. Hot dogs are easily my kryptonite. I think I’ve only met one maybe two, hot dogs in my entire life that I didn’t care for. While I looooove a good chili dog or a bacon/cheese dog… I think just a straight-up hot dog with mustard is my favorite.

    1. Andrew,
      I think that after this month I’ll be able to pass on hot dogs a little easier. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them but… too much of a good thing.

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