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Today I went up to Natick to Casey’s Diner. I was catching up with my buddy Rob Merlino, AKA The Hot Dog Man. We were also there to meet Richard Chudy the Boston Burger Blogger and his girlfriend from Small Boston Kitchen. Casey’s has been selling hot dogs in Natick since 1890. That is 122 years of hot dog history.

I picked up Rob and we drove over to Casey’s. There we set up our video cameras. I gave Rob a new Kodak Zi8 to record with. I have Jenny Cisney from Kodak to thank for the camera plus a Kodak PlayTouch for me. We’ll be using them for National Hot Dog Month this coming July and for any Hot Dog Adventures we have between now and then. We met with Pat Casey who shot a little promo with Rob for National Hot Dog Month. Then Richard arrived and we all got acquainted and discussed our plan of attack inside the diner. The Diner is an old Worcester Dining Car which used to be pulled behind horses way back when they started. As far as we know it is the oldest continuously running Hot Dog joint around. So much history with the place.

We went inside and ordered our meals. Rob and I ordered an “appetizer dog all around”. All around is a dog with mustard, onions and relish. Then we ordered some burgers. Following Rob’s lead we got Bacon Cheeseburgers with onions. The burgers are grilled with the onions and crisp strips of bacon are added along with cheese. A solid tasty burger. I got mine with mustard and ketchup. Or course I’d never think of ordering a dog with ketchup. If I did so at Casey’s it would come cut in half, the way that it would be served to a child. No ketchup on a hot dog for people over 18.

We had a great meal and enjoyed our time with our new blogging friends. Then Rob and I headed back to his place and we chatted about the upcoming Hot Dog Month. We have some great plans for it and some fun sponsors that I look forward to telling you about. I’ll also try and let you know where we are going because we’re always up for meeting new blogging friends.

After catching up with Rob I went and saw John Carter of Mars at the AMC in Framingham. It was only playing in 3D so I saw that. Luckily I had a movie pass so it was only $4.50 to get in and see it. The movie was pretty decent and it made me excited to read the John Carter series. I’ve heard that it was an inspiration for many authors, moviemakers and other creators. I can imagine that the actual book is much better than the movie. so that will be fun to read, once I get to that series, so many things to read.

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  1. Wow! 122 years in hotdog business that’s amazing. Their hotdog might be delicious to stay that long.

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