Hot Wheels Disney Character Cars Series 4 – Aladdin’s Genie

The Genie Disney Car
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00243

I was in Walmart the other day and some new Hot wheels character cars caught my eye. The 4th series features Donald Duck, Simba, The Genie from Aladdin, Baymax, Moana and Dory. I found 3 of them. The inclusion of both Simba and The Genie in this release was well timed with the releases of the in-home versions of both movies. I wanted to highlight the Genie car because I have a giveaway for the Live Action Aladdin movie and the animated movie that is part of the Signature Collection. The giveaway ends tonight and so if you haven’t entered please go to my Aladdin Giveaway post to enter by midnight tonight.

We watched the live action movie as a family this past week and we all enjoyed it. I like what Will smith brought to the table. He made that iconic character his own and that was well done. All the actors did a nice job with their characters. Jasmine was gorgeous and Aladdin was handsome and he nailed the beats. I like how they explored more of how the wishes can change someone. I like how they did a lot of things. It was en enjoyable movie.

That being said it is so hard to do a live action of one of the most iconic Disney movies. Robin Williams was an incredible Genie and you cannot compare his performance with Will Smith’s. You have to watch each movie as a separate piece of art. It is hard not to make comparisons but if you don’t them you can give yourself over and enjoy both movies for what they are.

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