Hot Wheels, High Speed

Photo-A-Day #1740

Today I worked with some guys at work on making a video for the annual Sales and Marketing Kickoff. I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve been involved in but I am now one of the go to guys to film, edit and run the board during the event itself. We’ve got an interesting show to put together. I’ll be converting the tapes to digital files tomorrow and then start the editing process. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 7 right now. Eventually I’ll use Elements 8 or 9 if I wait that long, I seem to upgrade every other release of that software.

The photo today is a combination of two photos that I shot of Eva’s Hot Wheels cars. I enjoy playing with them, with her. I wanted to give the car a sense and feel of motion. I shot one photo out of focus and then another photo with tight focus on the car. I then took the two photos, layered one over the other and then erased part of one to combine with the other. It is a little more complex than that and I will work out the details for a future ShutterCal post and also something for Behind the Lens.

Today I had lunch at Boloco. I’m really enjoying the place. I enjoyed it so much that back before Christmas I put $25 on my Boloco card so that when I go to the Framingham office I can hit the Natick Boloco. I like to also check in with FourSquare. I was mayor for a little while but lost that title. I’ve been having fun with Foursquare and look forward to hitting a ton of places in Las Vegas starting Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Wheels, High Speed”

  1. I am telling you the Fresh City burrito’s EXCELLENT. Just don’t go at noon I think the entire TJX building goes there between 12 and 12:45

    1. Lenny,
      I will try that one out on another trip. I just have money I can spend at boloco because of what I put on my card. Maybe to a Burrito a day for a week and compare each burrito place. Might be fun.

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