How to Get the URL of a Tweet


It seems to me that many people are having a hard time getting the exact URL for a Tweet. It is very very easy to do.

1. Sign on to Twitter
2. Post a Tweet
3. Click Profile
4. Locate your Tweet
5. Click on the time stamp link of the tweet. (i.e. about 2 hours ago)
6. This will open up the individual tweet.
7. Copy that URL from the Address bar.

That is how you capture the url of a single tweet.

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66 thoughts on “How to Get the URL of a Tweet”

  1. Your blog is amazing, you are one of very few bloggers that has put effort into your work, Great read ! ive bookmarked your blog Thanks !

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I’ve entered some contests/giveaways that have asked for my tweet URL. I had no idea what that was or how to find it. Thank you for helping me find it. This page was VERY useful! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. thanks for the tip. as you can see, two years after you posted this, guys like me still are getting used to things and any help is welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

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