Hugging Duncan

Hugging Duncan
Photo-A-Day #1378

Eva loves Duncan.

Eva has been out of sorts for the past few days. Today we took her for her scheduled well baby checkup and she has gained 2lbs and grown another inch. She’s also doing much better, still a little whiny and grumpy. She’s getting plenty of sleep at night but not doing so well with the naps. She won’t stay down. Hopefully she’ll be a little better tomorrow.

Eva and Duncan are buddies. Eva plays on her Yuengling box in the kitchen (and by play I mean she sits on it and watches momma and daddy wash dishes). Duncan also climbs onto the box and rubs up against Eva. He is very tolerant of her and she’s pretty gentle with him. We don’t leave them alone or anything, it is just nice that they get along.

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8 thoughts on “Hugging Duncan”

  1. Aaawww, that is so sweet. Looks like Eva is understanding that if she places nice with kitty, kitty plays nice with her. It’s good that she is getting used to various family & friends’ pets at a young age.

    Christines last blog post..I HATE CITIBANK!

  2. Christine,
    She is starting to understand that, sometimes she gets too excited and a nice pet turns into a smack, Duncan for his good nature, takes it in stride. Oliver never lets her get close enough.

  3. great shot! the combination of your adorable child and the kitty would be cuteness overload for me, but the beer box in the background makes it all balance out….

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