Hurry Home

Hurry Home
Photo-A-Day #1295

Today I drove home from Oswego, New York. It was a faster ride than the ride up and I stopped multiple times, mostly at rest areas and for lunch. I never did stop for photos. There really was no place to pull over and take any. I noticed that the leaves were mostly gone when you look close but looking out over the valleys the trees looked spectacular. The color was amazing.

As I got closer to home I twittered the routes that I was on. Since they are numbered it took only a few clicks to shoot the message. So when I got home Allison and Eva were there waiting for me. Seeing this little cutie get all excited when I came home was the best feeling. And Seeing Allison after a week was equally wonderful. Allison got the cutest haircut too.

Tonight Book club is at our house so I can blog and watch my missed shows on Hulu. Sweet. I just watched My Own Worst Enemy and now I am watching Knight Rider. If I still have time I’ll watch Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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  1. Hey Scott,

    Great to hear from you. I haven’t heard much from you in a long time. I still make sure to watch your twitters. I hope all is well with you man.

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