I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed

At the Modern Media Man Conference I was able to test drive a Chevy Camaro. Getting into this car was a dream. The seat hugged me in a real manly way and I felt like I was in the cockpit of a fighter jet (not that I know what that is like but that is how I described it, actually I said rocket ship). This was the stuff of little boys dreams. Now, as a big boy I was channeling my little boy self being so excited that I was driving the car that is a Transformer. It was certainly a much better ride than my boring old sensible Honda Civic.

I can understand now why Chris Brogan drives two towns over for a pack of gum. 🙂

I took the video camera along with me once again to capture the experience.

Chevrolet was an amazing sponsor for this event and I can’t thank them enough for supporting Dads and Dad Bloggers by being a sponsor.

Disclosure: – The video was shot on the versatile Kodak PlaySport camera that I received for free to film the Roger Williams Paddle back in July. I’ve quickly made it my favorite video camera and in a pinch still camera.

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