I got tagged…

Okay fellow Posties I got tagged by Lisa and Skeet. They are Posties from PayPerPost and have tagged me to state 5 things that people do not know about me. If you have ever read this blog you probably know everything about me because I tell you even the intimate details of what I have for breakfast. Okay here are 5 things. I don’t usually do this but the link exchange is nice.

1# – I used to have a polar bear teddy bear that I called Whitey and my sisters called Wipey to tease me.

2# – I am not a fan of crowds, they make me agitated

3# – I wrote a book of poetry in college and sold it in the dorms to meet girls. Yikes that was way emo. I don’t know, was that emo? (I’m not up on the hip things kids say these days 🙂 )

4# – I signed my 8th grade yearbook Andrew “Transformer” Bennett, III.

5# – I got booed off a stage during a dance contest on the Cape when my good friend started shouting “Drew” and the rest of the crowd began to shout “Boo”, Oh and I sucked at dancing. But I won 2 T-Shirts and they got stolen.

Okay Gotta Tag 5 other People- Mo, Autumn, Stephen, Owen and Harry

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