I installed our GoFlex Home

Check out this video of me installig the GoFlex Home.

As far as disclosure, I wanted to work with Seagate and so I asked, I offered a unique opportunity to test the drives in a real life situation in return for the drives. I’m a fan of the product and really enjoy the brand so I’m excited to be working with a brand that is one that I trust and that fits this blog so well.

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7 thoughts on “I installed our GoFlex Home”

  1. Good video, Drew. One question – you said that there was a username and password to put in there, but you didn’t way what they were. Would you mind sharing that info with the rest of us?


    I’ve actually been considering a NAS device like this because my Drobo (a somewhat older model) doesn’t work 100% correctly (and it’s sloooow) when I attach it to my Airport Extreme router (which is also an older model). So I’ve been doing sporadic backups because I have to remember to take the Macbook Pro to the Drobo and plug it in if I’ve taken the MBP away from my desk, which happens fairly frequently. Hardly ideal.

    1. Daniel,

      The username and password has to do with the Memeo software that is included with the hardware. There is Memeo Share, Memeo Backup and Memeo Sync. You get basic versions and have to purchase the higher ones for advanced features. I’m using the 30 day trial of Memeo Backup right now.

  2. Good video with detailed guide. I wonder video are very much effective in guideline rather than simple PDF menue or slideshots or snapshots.

  3. Interesting product.

    Do you have to use the segate specific software or can you just treat it as network attached drive. I am not a huge fan of every drive manufactures wanting me to load their client software.

    How often does the backup software take a full image of the PC? I assume it is doing differentials but how often does it update the baseline? Differnetial backup is cool but I don’t really want to have to have to go back through a ton of Diff’s to rebuild a PC.

    What happens to network preformance when you kickoff a backup? I would assume it might get kind of poor since you are in a multiacess wireless environment. Does Seagate do anything to throttle down the amount of BW the backup is using and play nice or does it assume backup is important and take everything it can get. Ideally it would throttle back but that seems to be a bunch of extra code that probably is not required for the target market.

    1. Andy,

      Well, you have stumped me. I’ll tell you what I know. the first complete backup took a whole day. Now when I turn on the computer, if there are any new things to back up they will automatically back up. I don’t think it is a differential (but then again I have no idea what that is) it is more incremental. I have not noticed any bandwidth issues at all. We have at times at least 6 computers accessing the internet and while the backup was occurring I was downloading large video files through iTunes, too. I have not rebuilt the PC and most likely would not since the important things to me like my iTunes and my photos don’t need to be rebuilt just popped back on the computer. What would be nice would be a way in which to attach this drive directly to my computer and pull off the files.

      I do use the Memeo software that was included and am using the premium backup software that is on a trial basis and I may buy it, I am not sure. But it works really well.

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