I met the Hot Dog Man

Over a year ago I blogged a little blurb about The Hot Dog Man’s blog. The Hot Dog Man left me a comment on this blog and that is when I realized that not only did a blogger live near me but this blogger also ran his own Hot Dog Truck. I vowed to go and visit The Hot Dog Man. Well, that wasn’t quite a strong vow because it took me almost a year and a half to go visit. I went yesterday and the whole event was blogged on The BenSpark. I also made a video of my experience and that is posted below. If you are in the Marlborough, MA area you have to stop by The Hot Dog Truck for some amazing hot dogs and you have to get the Killer Pepper Relish on the dogs.

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8 thoughts on “I met the Hot Dog Man”

  1. That’s the beauty of blogging and social media. So do you meet the hot dog man occasionally? Were you anxious to meet him? I think this is fascinating.

  2. I can imagine that the hot dog you had was amazing. I love going to those little stands to get food. They don’t look like the nicest places to get food but they always turn out to taste so good! Way to go Hot Dog Man!! 🙂

  3. Hi Nick,
    I called you Nick because of your copyright on your site for percussion instruments was Nicklewood. Since you did not leave a name but rather the keyword Djembe I replaced it and I removed the link to your site for Percussion instruments. I’m not being a jerk but rather explaining my comment policy. While your comment was a great one and really added to the conversation, not abiding to the comment policy took away from that. I found your comment to be sincere though and so I kept it.

  4. James,
    I will remember to do an interview with the Hot Dog man some day when the weather is much nicer. Sometime this summer if he is up for it.

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