I Received my Kick

Photo-A-Day #2927

The Kick is a device that was created through a Kickstarter campaign. It is a light that can be controlled wirelessly from your iPhone. It is a light for taking awesome photos and stunning video. The Kick has 40 bright LED lights that can change color based on a color picker or can be set from choosing color off of a photo or a video. I haven’t had much chance to play around with it as of yet but I can see big potential for it. There is even a slot in the back that you can use to slide your iPhone onto the Kick. And there is a tripod mount on it as well so that you can set up the Kick on a tripod and control it from the iPhone.

I like the device and software for controlling light but I am not a fan of using the software to take photos. The camera portion of the software is weak and you can’t tell if you’ve taken a photo because the little image on the bottom left of the screen doesn’t change. I kept tapping the shutter button expecting to see something that indicated that I took a photo but nothing was there. That is until I went to my gallery and I had taken about 15 photos without even knowing it. I like to know what is happening when I take a photo, some indication that I actually took one would be nice. I’d like to see some better instructions on the Rift Labs site too, or maybe I just have to read them more carefully. I did take a photo using the Kick of some of the Skylanders Giants Happy Meal Toys.

Skylanders Giants Happy Meal Toys

I found those tonight on the way to work.

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